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Learning event on private sector engagement in conflict and fragile contexts: How can Danish companies play an active role in achieving SDG 16?
Tirsdag 27 August 2019, 13:00 - 16:00
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Learning event on private sector engagement in conflict and fragile contexts:

How can Danish companies play an active role in achieving SDG 16?

Timing         27th August 2019, 1 to 4pm

Location      Globalt Fokus, Rysensteensgade 3, 1564 Copenhagen

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The private sector stands in a unique position to play a positive role in supporting peaceful development in conflict affected contexts and in achieving the SDG 16. On the 27th of August, The Danish Network for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding is hosting the learning event “How can Danish companies play an active role in achieving the SDG16?” The event will discuss the private sector’s engagement in conflict and fragile contexts. The event will seek to provide a space to bring together Danish companies, already operating or seeking to engage in contexts experiencing some level of conflict and fragility, experts from academia and relevant Danish civil society organisations. It will create a space for exchange between these actors, and provide companies with inspiration, knowledge and tools. Given the limited platforms for this discussion in Denmark, the event will be informed by experiences from other European countries, such Switzerland and the UK. Existing, concrete and established solutions, including well-articulated principles and well-understood mechanisms of action, that can be implemented successfully in the immediate term will be shared. Ultimately the event will strengthen and structure the collaboration amongst civil society and the Danish private sector going forward and improve their work with the SDG 16.

The learning event will seek to respond to the following questions:

  • How do Danish private sector actors balance the opportunities to engage in emerging markets which may be affected by conflict, with the associated risks and increased costs facing their operations in such settings?
  • How do private sector actors prepare and adapt their operations in contexts affected by violent conflict or other types of governance-related instability or social unrest?
  • How do Danish private sector actors analyze and understand the external environments they operate in, and specifically how their operations may impact or shape the context both in positive and negative ways and what partnerships can advance the necessary underpinning analysis?

Tentative agenda

1. Why understanding conflict and fragility is important for Danish business (20 minutes)

Opening remarks from organizing group

Interventions from:

  • Oxfam IBIS/ Global Compact (TBD);
  • Kristoffer Tarp, UNDP

2. Learning from experiences from other contexts (1 hour)

Interventions from:

  • Achim Wennmann, Geneva Peace Platform (Confirmed), co-author of “Business and conflict in fragile states”. 

3. Strengthening collaboration on conflict and fragility amongst civil society and Danish private sector – added value? (1 hour)

Plenary discussion informed by the guiding questions (listed above), while also providing a space for Danish private sector actors to share and reflect on how these issues manifest in their own business practices.

The discussion should also consider the usefulness of a more structured collaboration and exchange between Danish private sector and civil society actors working in conflict and fragile settings, to deepen the relationships between such actors and to facilitate practical changes in how the two stakeholder groups interact at country level.

Sted Globalt Fokus, Rysensteensgade 3, 1564 Copenhagen