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Achieving durable solutions for returnee children
Mandag 03 Juni 2019, 14:00 - 16:45

In response to soaring numbers of displaced people worldwide – of which more than half are children – governments around the world are increasingly pursuing strategies that promote returns over other alternatives, such as resettlement or local integration. While governments are pushing for ‘return-first’ approaches, conditions for a safe and dignified return are often far from being met. Focused only on the initial physical relocation back to the area of origin, this approach overlooks the longer-term challenges of reintegrating children and their parents into their country. This can be a complex process requiring attention over many months, or years.


This seminar will present and debate a new report from Save the Children, ‘Acheiving Durable Solutions for Returnee Children - What do we know?’ produced by Stefanie Barratt, Data Standards Pillar Lead at Samuel Hall. The report addresses a gap in our knowledge about the often-difficult conditions of children’s return to their home countries. It gives an overview of what is known (and what is not) about the return of displaced children to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria, four of the most important contexts of refugee-return today.


Four experts have been invited to explore the report findings and use the policies it examines as a point of departure for a broader discussion of the returns debate in the context of durable solutions. The panellists include Jeff Crisp from Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford; Josiah Kaplan from Save the Children; Oliver Bakewell from Global Development Institute, Manchester University and Kim Mancini from the Danish Refugee Council.


The event series is a collaboration between DIIS and Save the Children Denmark.


Stefanie Barratt, Data Standards Pillar Lead, Samuel Hall

Jeff Crisp, Research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University, UK

Oliver Bakewell, Senior Lecturer, Global Development Institute, The University of Manchester, UK

Kim Mancini, Global Lead, Solutions to Displacement, Danish Refugee Council

Josiah Kaplan, Research Advisor, Global Migration and Displacement Initiative, Save The Children International, UK

Roger Hearn, International Director, Save the Children Denmark

Finn Stepputat, Senior Researcher, DIIS, Denmark






Save the Children Denmark and Danish Institute for International Studies.
Roger Hearn



Presenting the report


Stefanie Barratt



Round table discussion


Chair: Finn Stepputat


Jeff Crisp


Oliver Bakewell


Kim Mancini


Josiah Kaplan



Coffee break





Chair: Finn Stepputat


Practical information

The seminar will be in English and live streamed via Skype connection, not on DIIS’s site as usual.


Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. Please register your participation with DIIS via the link below. If you would like to participate via Skype, please send an email to Meg Moran at The deadline for registration is Wednesday 29 May 2019 at 10.00.


Red Barnet – Save the Children Denmark

Canteen (5th floor)

Rosenørns Allé 12

1634 Copenhagen


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