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The fund for capacity building supports capacity building and development in Danish civil society organisations (CSOs) engaged in humanitarian or developmental activities in OECD-DAC countries and their partners. It is financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Global Focus.


  • To strengthen Danish CSOs in delivering professionally strong and effective efforts 

  • To support members' advocacy within strategic and current development and humanitarian themes in the Global South

Application formats, guidelines, and information about the grant system can be found below. Applications and reporting on activities for 2022 and 2023 must be made according to the formats available under Formats and Guidelines (in Danish).


  • Spring: To be confirmed (March 2024)

  • Autumn: To be confirmed (October 2024)

Formats and guidelines for the Fund for Capacity Building (in Danish)

Her finder du gældende formater og retningslinjer, når I enten søger om, har fået eller skal afrapportere på en bevilling fra puljen. Ansøgninger og afrapporteringer i 2022 og 2023 skal udfærdiges efter disse formater.

Der kan søges midler fra to forskellige bevillingskategorier:

  • Større bevillinger: henviser til bevillinger mellem DKK 100.000-400.000. Procesbevillinger uddeles
    ved to årlige ansøgningsrunder.

  • Mindre bevillinger: henviser til bevillinger til og med DKK 50.000 og har løbende ansøgningsfrist.

Ansøgninger skal sendes til This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., med This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. i kopi

Generelle krav:

  • Ansøgninger skal følge puljens eksisterende formater og bestå af ansøgningsskema, stamdataformat og budget. Ved ansøgning om bevilling over DKK 100.000 skal der ydermere medsendes en implementeringsplan. Formater for ansøgninger kan hentes nedenfor.
  • Bevillingsmodtagerens forvaltning af bevilling skal ske efter de i 2021 opdaterede administrative retningslinjer. Anmodninger om udbetaling af tilskud, budgetændring eller ændring af projektperiode samt den afsluttende rapportering skal følge puljens formater til formålet. Alle disse kan tilgås nedenfor.
  • Sprog: alle formater foreligger på dansk, men ansøgninger kan indsendes på dansk eller engelsk.

Information om puljen: 

  1. Rammen for puljen til kapacitetsudvikling
  2. Bevillingssystem og bevillingskriterier

Når I søger en bevilling:

  1.  Ansøgningsskemaer
    Ansøgningsskema for større bevillinger (100.000-400.000 DKK)
    Ansøgningsskema for mindre bevillinger (op til 50.000 DKK)

  2. Stamdata (ansøgningsbilag 1)
    Stamdataformat for større bevillinger (100.000-400.000 DKK)
    Stamdataformat for mindre bevillinger (op til 50.000 DKK)

  3. Budgetformat (ansøgningsbilag 2)
    Budgetformat for større bevillinger (100.000-400.000 DKK)
    Budgetformat for mindre bevillinger (op til 50.000 DKK)

  4. Implementeringsplansformat (ansøgningsbilag 3. Kun for for større bevillinger, 100.000-400.000 DKK)

  5. Inspiration til læringsprodukt

Når I har en bevilling:

  1. Administrative retningslinjer for bevillingshavere

  2. Format til midtvejsrapportering (kun for større bevillinger, 100.000-400.000 DKK)

Når I skal afrapportere på projektet:

  1.  Afsluttende narrativ rapportering
    Rapporteringsformat for større bevillinger (100.000-400.000 DKK)
    Rapporteringsformat mindre bevillinger (op til 50.000 DKK)

  2. Revisionsinstruks
    UM instruks 4b

  3. Regnskabsformat
    Til regnskabsaflægning foreslår vi, at I anvender budgetformattet tilpasset med kolonner der inkluderer evt. revideret budget og faktisk forbrug.
The grant system

Global Focus' grant committee 

The purpose of Global Focus' grant committee is to determine the eligibility of support for grant applications for The Capacity Building Fund, based on the applications and recommendations provided by the grant consultant. It also plays an active role in professional discussions to ensure consistency between the fund's guidelines, advice, and grant practices as well as continued development of these. 

The committee comprises four representatives from Global Focus member organisations with relevant professional backgrounds and one representative from CISU. The committee members are elected for a term of two years. 

The committee:

  • Mette Kjærtinge, CISU (chair)
  • Rikke Nagell, Aids-Fondet 
  • Lene Vendelbo, Amnesty International Denmark 
  • Karen Andersen, Oxfam Ibis 
  • Camilla Nielsen-Englyst, 100% for børnene 

Grant system for grants up to DKK 50,000 

The activity grants system operates independently of the process grants system. The Global Focus funding advisor is solely responsible for providing advice and handling administration, while the head of the secretariat is authorised to grant the funds. If the head of the secretariat is unable to perform their duties, the grant authority is delegated to the Global Focus executive committee. 

Read more about the grant system here (in Danish)

Funding Praxis: Learn more about capacity building

Global Focus has initiated the development of a series of short documents called "Funding Praxis" to strengthen the focus on capacity building. These documents introduce selected capacity building concepts, models, and tools, and are based as far as possible on experiences from initiatives supported by the fund. The aim is to inspire capacity building among Danish CSOs and their partners by providing examples, experiences, and current thinking. We plan to develop the documents in collaboration with the participating organisations, and have already prepared the first few, with more to come. Additionally, a number of other materials are available below, which document an approach to capacity building. 

Funding Praxis documents: 

Approaches to capacity development:


Emma Byrne
Strategic advisor
+45 42 41 57 47
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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