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Global Focus currently manages three grants designed to build the capacity and knowledge of our members and their partners in the Global South, with the aim of strengthening their development efforts.

Funding opportunities

The Fund for Capacity Building aims to provide capacity development and building support to Danish civil society organisations (CSOs) engaged in humanitarian or developmental activities in OECD-DAC countries and their partners. The fund is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Global Focus. 

Claim Your Space is a rapid response emergency fund managed by Global Focus, intended to provide rapid and urgent support to right defenders and civil society organisations that are under pressure or in danger, particularly in vulnerable countries. The fund is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The FRi grant supports projects and activities, which protect and promote fundamental rights in Denmark. The FRi grant is part of the fundamental rights initiative; a collaboration between Global Focus and Nyt Europa co-funded by the EU.

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Strategic adviser  
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