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Netværk for Konfliktforebyggelse og Fredsopbygning lancerer ny Good Practices-rapport

Netværk for Konfliktforebyggelse og Fredsopbygning lancerede den 6. december en ny Good Practices rapport. Læs offentliggørelsen på engelsk herunder. Læs mere om netværket her.

Are Danish CSOs addressing root causes of conflict?

On the 6th of December Network for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding presented the Good Practices Report that gathers learning and practice on conflict prevention and peacebuilding based on knowledge sharing and capacity building in the Network.


The Network is a useful vehicle for enhancing collaboration between Danish CSOs that seek to become even more effective partners in support of preventive action. The Network intends to share and build best practices from actors engaged in conflict-affected societies, be that in thematic, strategic or programmatic manners. It contributes to knowledge generation and dissemination on effective programming, pooling of resources to jointly build staff capacity and provides a platform for developing joint evidence-based recommendations for prevention policy and practice.


This report is showcasing the diversity in the ways which the member organizations of the Network are working with peacebuilding and conflict prevention in fragile and conflict-affected settings and at the same time plays a very significant role demonstrating common understandings and beliefs of how this needs to be done. The Report presents 7 cases demonstrating good practices on conflict prevention and peacebuilding by Danish CSO’s. The cases share vital knowledge and serve as inspiration for other stakeholders interested in furthering their engagements in the conflict prevention and peacebuilding fields. Each case presents a specific project and explains the key challenges and good practices observed and experienced by organizations. Based on this, the Report contains recommendations for both Danish policy makers and Danish civil society organizations.


Read the Good Practices report in full here.



Photo from the presentation of the report

Photo of the Good Practices report and stickers

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