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CSO Futures, Innovation & Partnership Programme 2016

Through CSO FUTURES, INNOVATION & PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME Global Focus offers a series of events, workshops and labs that will assist our members and the Danish CSO environment in preparing for the future.

The world is changing as is development aid. We believe one of the consequences is that we as CSOs need to rethink our purpose, role, contribution, and funding. At one level, we need to understand the radical changing global context in order to respond and adjust to it. At another level, we need to develop new strategic skills in innovation, leadership, building of partnerships, ways of working with volunteers, as well as development of future business models – in order to continually being capable of responding to this changing and complex world.

We will engage in strategic, reflection, development and dialogue around ‘burning questions’, such as:

  • What is our future role as Danish-based CSOs?
  • What should be our particular characteristics and contributions in the future, and how to become explicit about this?
  • What kind of change do we need to go through in order to create future-fit organizations and how?

The programme aims at providing:
A “take-off” in relevant global and local agendas, characterising current change and the future context of CSOs.
Concepts essential for working with organizations’ role, identity, leadership, values, and contributions
Exploration and conceptualization of how we as CSOs can work with innovation in the future.
Exploration of, and dialogue about, what future partnerships may look like – and what future roles in the North could be.

CSO FUTURES, INNOVATION and PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME is developed with inspiration from international actors such as International Civil Society Centre, Berlin and BOND, London.


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