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Danish Launch of the 2023/2024 Human Development Report Breaking the Gridlock - Reimagining cooperation in a polarized world
Onsdag 15 Maj 2024, 09:30 - 10:45

We live in a tightly knit world. Shared, interlinked global challenges like climate change, zoonotic disease outbreaks, violent conflicts and displacement are outpacing our willingness and our institutions’ ability to respond to them.
This year’s report asks the fundamental question: Despite all our riches, technologies and know-how, how come we fail to act at the scale and pace necessary to address these globally shared challenges? Why are we stuck?

The report proceeds to explore what causes and stand in the way of us breaking the current gridlock and offer a forward-looking vision for cooperation that places people at the heart of both the analysis and the solutions.
Join us for the Danish launch of this year's UNDP Human Development Report where Pedro Conceição, Director of UNDP Human Development Report Office and lead author will present the report followed by a number of esteemed speakers, who will each reflect on the findings and recommendations in the report. 
Sted UN City, Marmorvej 51, 2100 Copenhagen

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