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WORKSHOP: Fit for the future? Exploring future CSO Scenarios
Torsdag 09 Juni 2016, 09:00 - 16:00

NB. Dette arrangement er lukket for tilmelding. Hvis du er interesseret i at høre om der stadig er ledige pladser, er du velkommen til at kontakte os på Andreas Dybkjær-Andersson eller Katrine Dietrich


This workshop is a part of the CSO FUTURES, INNOVATION & PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME, through which Global Focus offers a series of events, workshops and labs that will assist our members and the Danish CSO environment in preparing for the future.


This second workshop will challenge us as organisations to ask ourselves whether we are "fit for the future", and explore future scenarios for civil society organisations. 


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How is our understanding of development changing? What are the implications of these changes, whether practical or conceptual, for the future role of international civil society organizations?

Duncan GreenOxfam GB's senior strategic adviser, will - based on e.g. his 2015 publication Fit for the Future? and his forthcoming book, How Change Happens (OUP, October 2016) - summarize some important trends both in how international development is taking place, and how it is understood by scholars and practitioners. He proposes a 'power and systems approach' that rejects the universal application of simple, linear interventions and highlights the merits of alternative approaches, such as bringing together stakeholders to find joint solutions (convening and brokering), or rapid iteration based on fast feedback and adaptation.


Mille Bøjer from Reos Partners will introduce the method of Transformative Scenarios. This method offers a way for diverse stakeholders together to face complex challenges and unblock stuck situations in a way that combines imagination and rigor.  The method enables stakeholders to see the different futures that are possible, construct shared understandings, stronger relationships, and clearer intentions, thereby creating the potential for action that will shape a better future.  In addition to learning about the methodology of Transformative Scenarios in the workshop, we will work through a brief creative process of dialogue around trends and key uncertainties (drawing inspiration from Duncan Green’s presentation) and sketching some rough scenarios related to the future of the work and environment for Danish CSO’s.  

About the presenters 

Duncan Green is Oxfam GB’s Senior Strategic Adviser. He also teaches on international development at the London School of Economics, where he is a Professor in Practice. His blog is one of the most widely read on international development, and is named after a previous book: “From Poverty to Power”. His new book “How Change Happens” will be published in October 2016. Global Focus is happy to offer this workshop partly based on this forthcoming book already in June 2016


Mille Bøjer contributed to founding the Reos Partners offices in both Johannesburg and São Paulo, and is now based in Geneva. She is co-author of Mapping Dialogue: Essential Tools for Social Change, which outlines a variety of transformative dialogue tools and change processes. Mille has worked on large-scale multi-stakeholder projects addressing challenges including HIV/AIDS, Children, Education, Democracy, Civil Society, Oceans Management, Health, and Sustainable Development.  


Address: Nordatlantens Brygge – Strandgade 91, Christianshavn, 1401 København K.

Content: Presentation, dialogue and “transformative scenario planning”.

Host: Global Focus

Inspirators and co-facilitators of the workshop: Duncan Green, Oxfam Great Britain and Mille Bøjer, REOS Partners.

Fee: Free

Contact information: For questions and comments, contact Katrine Dietrich ( or Andreas Dybkjær-Andersson (


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There are 3 options for participation:


A) FOR LEADERS 09.00-11.30: Leadership & Future Trends  - open for senior leaders, i.e. general secretaries, international directors, program managers etc.)

  • PART 1: Exclusively for leaders - input and dialogue on leadership and future trends. PART 1 is connected to the leader session April 28 with Burkhard Gnärig from the International Civil Society Centre. You are welcome to attend whether or not you participated April 28. 
  • PART 2:  Presentation by Duncan Green, senior strategic advisor in Oxfam GB (together with participants from the Open Session) on essential trends og points concerning the changing context and thinking on development and development aid - asking: Are we as CSOs "fit for the future?"
  • For those who wish there is coffee and informal dialogue from 11.30 for those not participating in the "Transformative Scenario Planning" session (OPTION C - below). 

For this option, tick "Option A" when signing up.


B) OPEN SESSION 09.00 - 16.00: Scenario Planning and Future Trends (Open Session) - for members of Global Focus (employees and volunteers).  

  • Introduction to Transformative Scenario Planning as a method.
  • Presentation by Duncan Green, senior strategic advisor in Oxfam GB (together with participants from the Leader Session) on essential trends og points concerning the changing context and thinking on development and development aid - asking: Are we as CSOs "fit for the future?"
  • Transformative Scenario Planning in practice. Mille Bøjer from REOS Partners participants in the method ’Transformative Scenario Planning’ as a way to approach the future. We test the method in practice through short creative dialogues on trends and challenges (with inspiration from the presentation by Duncan Green) and through starting to sketch future scenarios for Danish CSOs.

For this option, tick "Option B" when signing up.


A+B) FOR LEADERS 09.00 - 16.00: Leadership & Future Trends + Scenario Planning

  • Option for leaders who would like to take part in the "Leadership and Future Trends" session (OPTION A) and stay on to the "Transformative Scenario Planning Session" (OPTION B), i.e. from 09.00 - 16.00.

For this option, tick both "Option A" and "Option B" when signing up.

Please note: The presentation by Duncan Green is a joint session for all participants

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