Civilsamfundet, internationale indsatser og udviklingspolitik er i konstant forandring. Politiske vinde og prioriteringer, globale kriser og udfordringer, såvel som fremskridt, kræver saglige analyser af international udvikling, erfaringsudveksling, engagement og handlekraft.


Globalt Fokus inviterer til forløbet "Civilsamfundet slår igen":





21-11-2018, 17:00-19:00, Global Focus, Rysensteensgade 3, Copenhagen.


Trade and Transnational Corporations: Attacks on Civil Society


Africa Contact is hosting a dialogue meeting on how trade agreements and transnational corporations are contributing

to shrinking space and possible counterstrategies to protect civic space against their action. Ali Chaucate, from AAAJC,

will talk about how his organisation mobilises local communities in Mozambique and increase their capacity to hold large corporations accountable to legislation and expose their links to politicians. Sanne Borges from Amnesty International

and Caroline Bjerglund Andersen from Africa Contact will present initiatives to enhance systematic preventive

measurements and reporting on behalf of corporations and secure access for victims to justice through the current

processes in UN to create a binding treaty and the national initiatives on business due diligence respectively. 


Read more and register here.


Organisations: Africa Contact, Amnesty International & Associacao de Apoio e Assistência Jurídica

as Commundades (AAAJC).




23-11-2018, 9:00-10:30, Global Focus, Rysensteensgade 3, Copenhagen.


Protecting Civic Space: Canada’s Feminist Approach


Global Focus and the Embassy of Canada to Denmark are excited to host a breakfast meeting on Friday, 23rd

November, to discuss how Canada is engaging globally to enhance civic space as part of its Feminist International

Policy. The Ambassador of Canada to Denmark, Emi Furuya, will speak about Canada’s feminist international policy

including Canada’s approach to defending human rights defenders, creating civic space and working with civil society

under Canada’s National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security (2017-2022). The Ambassador will be joined by a

civil society representative with expert knowledge on women human rights defenders (TBC) who will speak  about how

Canadian civil society has engaged with the Government of Canada on UN Resolution 1325 (Women, Peace and

Security), the role of civil society within Canada’s National Action Plan, and how they are holding the Government of

Canada to account. After the presentations and a formal Q/A session, there will be an interactive discussion moderated             by Sara Katrine Brandt, Civil Society Advisor at Global Focus.


Read more and register here.


Organisations: Global Focus & Embassy of Canada to Denmark.




26-11-2018, 16:30-18:30, Øst for Paradis, Paradisgade 7-9, Aarhus C. 


No One Should Die for Telling the Truth


Harassment of media and journalists and legislation that restrict freedom of expression and access to information

are no longer tools reserved for dictators. It is a trend now seen in democratic EU countries like Poland, Hungary

and Slovakia. International Media Support (IMS), Nyt Europa and CISU you to a screening of the documentary film

Courage – Journalism is not a crime by director Tom Heinemann. The film follows the plight of three journalists from

Turkey, Azerbaijan and Myanmar. The film is followed by a debate: What is it like to be a journalist in a country where

authorities harass journalists and try to silence them? Why do the trends of growing restrictions on media and free

speech matter in Denmark? What can Denmark, Western governments and Civil Society do to push back against

restrictions on press freedom in Europe and globally? For the event, there will be a panel consisting of Tomasz Piatek,

Polish journalist exposed to harassment; Tom Heinemann, film director and journalist; Gulnara Akhundova, Head of

Global Response, IMS, and human rights defender from Azerbaijan. Henrik Grunnet, media advisor, IMS, and Fellow at Constructive Institute, Aarhus University. 


Read more and register here.  


Organisations: IMS, Nyt Europa & CISU.




29-11-2018, 12:00-13:30, DanChurch Aid, Meldahlsgade 3, Copenhagen.  


Brown-bag Lunch: Civic Space in Humanitarian Action


DanChurchAid, Save the Children and Global Focus have invited International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)

 and Center for Social Integrity (CSI) to discuss shrinking space in humanitarian action. Nishanie

Jayamaha from ICVA will present key findings and recommendations in a recent scoping study on shrinking space in

humanitarian action, carried out by ICVA and CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. Aung Kyaw Moe from

CSI will present how his organisation is working across the borders of Myanmar and Bangladesh, responding to the

Rohingya refugee crisis. Based on his experiences of working to protect the rights of Rohingya people, Aung Kyaw Moe,

will present lessons learned, best practices, and ways forward on civic space issues in humanitarian crisis.

Read more and register here. 

Organisations: DanChurchAid, Save the Children, Global Focus, International Council of Voluntary Agencies & Centre for
Socai Integrity. 




03-12-2018, 15:00-17:00, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Fælledvej 12, Copenhagen.


How Can Young People Around the World Bring Down the Towers of Oppression and Raise the Banners of Freedom?


Young people are at the center of a global fight for democracy and sustainable development. In many countries around

the world, they are in the frontline and directly experiencing the challenges of a shrinking space for civic and political



In his 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, Barack Obama in his first major speech since leaving the office,

had a message to young people: “Young people (…), my message to you is simple – keep believing, keep marching, keep

building, keep raising your voice. Every generation has the opportunity to remake the world. Mandela said: ‘Young people

are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising the banners of freedom’. Now is a good

time be aroused. Now is a good time to be fired up.”


Jayathma Wickramanayake, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, and youth representatives from

Save the Children, ActionAid Denmark and Danish Youth Council will discuss global trends and local experiences of

young people’s civic and political space and how young people can protect and expand civic and political space for

themselves and the population at large to participate in public affairs – or in other words: How can young people around     the world bring down the towers of oppression and raise the democratic banners of freedom?


Read more and register here. 


Organisations: ActionAid Denmark (MS), Save the Children, Danish Youth Council (DUF) & UN Youth Envoy.




Se pdf-dokument om forløbet her.


Fyraftensmøderne vil bidrage til indsigt, refleksion, værktøjer og samarbejdsmuligheder – både ift. civilsamfundets rolle lige nu og hvordan den vil forandre sig i fremtiden. Deltagere vil blive klædt bedre på til at møde udfordringer ved indskrænket råderum, og møderne vil belyse de rum, der opstår eller udvides som resultat af sociale og politiske forandringer. Formatet for hvert møde vil variere, mens at de vil have tilfælles, at der vil indgå tid til plenumdiskussioner. Hvert enkelt møde vil munde ud i en række anbefaling, der vil blive opsamlet og analyseret i Globalt Fokus’ arbejdsgruppe beskæftiget med civilsamfundets råderum. Resultaterne vil fremføres og diskuteres i sektoren ved en større workshop i anden uge af december, hvilket der vil komme mere information om senere på året. I foråret 2019 vil der afholdes en konference med Udenrigsministeriet, hvor vi vil fremlægge en rapport med en række anbefalinger til, hvordan at danske civilsamfundsorganisationer og den danske regering bedst muligt kan arbejde for at civilsamfundets råderum.


For mere information, skriv til Sara Brandt, civilsamfundsrådgiver hos Globalt Fokus, Det er desuden muligt at tilmelde sig vores mailingliste for at modtage information om fremtidige arrangementer ved at skrive til Viktor Haraszuk, 


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