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Danish lauch of UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report 21/22
Fredag 08 April 2022, 09:30 - 11:30

Who chooses? Who loses?


Please join us for the Danish launch of UNESCO’s flagship report, the Global Education Monitoring Report 21/22, which this year focuses on non-state actors in education. The role of non-state actors in education is one of the most contentious discussions in education in recent years and alongside the usual SDG4 monitoring, UNESCO has explored this discussion by looking the various roles non-state actors play and how to ensure that public spending reaches the most marginalized.
At the event we will hear from advocates, teachers, researchers and the Director of UNESCOs Global Education Monitoring Report will present the report.


This event is co-organised by:


  • The Danish Education Coalition
  • The Danish UNESCO National Commission


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