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Applying a gender transformative approach to democracy and human rights
Mandag 13 December 2021, 12:30 - 15:30

Join us at this workshop where we will set objectives for how to apply a gender transformative approach to democracy and human rights


The new Danish development cooperation strategy “The world we share” sends a strong signal by placing human rights and democratic values as the foundation of Danish development cooperation. The strategy acknowledges the importance of democracy and human rights as both goals in themselves and as “a means to creating a more safe, just, resilient and sustainable world.” However, while concrete objectives for what Denmark wants to achieve are outlined for the two pillars of the strategy, 1) We create hope and 2) Climate, nature and environment, this is not the case for democracy and human rights, constituting the foundation. 


To ensure vision, ideas and ambition for the foundation, Global Focus invites member organisations and other actors in the development sector to take part in a process this winter to create concrete objectives for democracy and human rights. We will host four workshops to discuss and formulate objectives for how Denmark can work ambitiously with human rights and democracy throughout the full strategy period.


The objectives developed as a result of the four workshops will be launched at a public event in the beginning of 2022. 


More information about each workshop will be shared ahead of the workshop with the participants.


The workshops are open to everyone. 


Workshop 2:
Applying a gender transformative approach to democracy and human rights 


Gender equality is often referred to as a Danish priority in development cooperation. Yet much more can be done. In order to achieve gender equality objectives, rigid gender norms and imbalances of power need to be examined and questioned. During this workshop we will therefore create objectives that will push a gender transformative approach in Danish development cooperation.


Gender equality is key to a fair and just society. The inequalities based on gender can be seen throughout society and the world and needs to be addressed from all sides and in all systems. While gender equality is a known Danish value in Danish development cooperation and foreign affairs, we see other countries racing ahead before Denmark with initiatives such as feminist foreign affairs policies and funding for women rights organisations. If Denmark wants to remain a progressive force on gender equality a strengthened approach is necessary. 


All over the world, regressive powers are undermining and attacking the fight for gender equality. From attacks on girls and women’s human rights, the ongoing fight for sexual reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence on the rise under the pandemic, discriminatory laws for LGBTQI+, lack of social and economic power and the list goes on. These attacks cannot go unanswered, and we need to find new ways to ensure we achieve gender equality.


The workshop will have a gender transformative approach which means that we will examine and question norms, biases, power, and structures in society that hinder gender equality. These imbalances need to be addressed in order to challenge and change the patriarchal society of today.   


Join us at the second workshop as we take an ambitious swing at how we push a gender transformative approach in the implementation of the strategy’s foundation of democracy and human rights through concrete objectives. 

Please contact Julie Arrildt at or Rebekka Blomqvist at for any questions.

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