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Torsdag 24 Juni 2021, 13:00 - 15:30

Since 2018, a working group within Global Focus has been focusing on expanding and strengthening civil society’s ways of working for Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH). The PSEAH-working group has developed a number of principles to help guide the integration of PSEAH into organisational structures and everyday operations. The next step is the implementation of these principles.


Implementing PSEAH in practice inevitably presents challenges and it can be difficult to navigate the many perspectives that need to be taken into account. As civil society, we need to use our collective knowledge and experiences to support each other through the process, and in order to do so, Global Focus and the PSEAH-working group would like to invite you all to participate at this PSEAH PEER LEARNING EVENT.

The objective of the event is to facilitate a dialogue on the many challenges related to the implementation of a PSEAH agenda, and to discuss the best ways to handle and overcome these obstacles. A number of organisations will have prepared short presentations on different components of their work with PSEAH, which will feature as the starting point for discussions and reflections across organisations and organisational realities. The preliminary line of speakers and presentations is as follows:


1. DanChurchAid: How to inform and set up a system that can be accessed by all

2. International Media Support: Partnerships and PSEAH

3. MS Action Aid: Feminist principles

4. Danish Refugee Council: Investigations and practical insights into what we do – how do you handle complaints?

5. Oxfam Ibis: The survivor centered approach

7. Pool Funding Organisations: PSEAH Learning site for CSOs


All organisations are welcome to join the event – whether PSEAH has been an integral part of your operations for years or if you are just getting started. Registration through the following link is required no later than June 22nd.


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