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UNMUTE CIVIL SOCIETY - Inclusive and meaningful civil society participation at the UN in light of Covid-19
Onsdag 17 Februar 2021, 14:00 - 16:00


Opening the (Digital) Doors for Civil Society at the UN

We are happy to invite you to the webinar "Opening the (Digital) Doors", which is the first of a webinar series where we will jointly find ways for meaningful inclusion of civil society at the UN in light of covid-19.

The webinar series build on the momentum created by governments and civil society in 2020 to improve participation of civil society at the UN, leading to an overall set of recommendations, which are soon to be handed over to the UN Secretary General.


At the webinar series, civil society, governments and other actors will reflect in detail upon the challenges and opportunities for civil society to be meaningfully included in different UN processes during and after the pandemic, and provide in-depth recommendations to states and UN institutions.

A group of CSOs, including A4SD, Forus, CIVICUS, TAP, CAN, Together 2030, ISHR, SID, Global Focus and MGoS Coordination Mechanism, will convene this dialogue and host a series of webinars addressing inclusion at various UN meetings throughout 2021.



  • Lysa JohnCIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

  • Stefano PratoSociety for International Development and MGoS Coordination Mechanism

  • Martin BillePermanent Representation of Denmark to the UN in NYC

  • Annie NamalaWada Na Todo Abhiyan

  • Oyebisi OluseyiNigeria Network of NGOs and Forus

  • Roseline KihumbaHelp Age Uganda and NGO Major Groups Africa

  • Lina DabbaghClimate Action Network


Translation will be provided at the webinar in French and Spanish.