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Civic space in contemporary changing contexts
Torsdag 24 September 2020, 09:30 - 14:00


Staff and volunteers from Danish CSOs who work in contexts where civic space challenges the work.


This learning event will support your organisation to develop stronger knowledge and understanding of concrete tools to implement actions that secure your organisation, staff, activists and target group in situations of shrinking civic space.


UPDATE by 10/9 - due to COVID-19 and restrictions in CPH, we have moved the entire event online, giving the opportunity for more to participate.


9.30-9.40 Welcome by CISU and Global Focus


9.40-10.15 Setting the scene: What are the current situations from around the world? Speakers to give short reports will be:

  • Mogens Pedersen, Senior Analyst, DIIS – currently analyzing civic space contours in selected regions
  • Maryam Al-Khawaja, human rights defender, and special advisor on human rights at Gulf Centre for Human Rights, and much more
  • Sara Brandt, political advisor, civic space and human rights at Global Focus


10.20-12.00 Workshops part 1, including breaks


LEARNING TRACK 1: Digital space, resilience and security

HOSTED BY: LGBT+ Denmark in collaboration with Front Line Defenders

LEARNING PURPOSE: Awareness of tools and smart tactics of how not to compromise data and sensitive information. Identifying solutions that are operational and relevant for your organisation, including smaller volunteer-based organisations.


LEARNING TRACK 2: Acting on legal civic space restrictions and opportunities - during and after COVID-19

HOSTED BY: Global Focus in collaboration with ICNL

LEARNING PURPOSE: How to respond to legal reform opportunities or when new laws are introduced that hinders civic space.


LEARNING TRACK 3: Institutional resilience

HOSTED BY: ActionAid Denmark

LEARNING PURPOSE: Strengthen your organisation’s preparedness to civic space attacks through risk management and scenario planning tools and integration of these tools into programme planning and implementation.


12.00-12.30 Lunch break


12.30-13.25 Reconvening at workshop, part 2 - Learning tracks continue


13.30-14.00 Short insights on key learnings from each group.

  • Examples of key learnings
  • What will you do differently?
  • Next steps
  • Current opportunities for Danish CSOs to get involved with civic space


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