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Humanitarian innovation and localization
Torsdag 05 Marts 2020, 14:00 - 16:30

Humanitarian innovation and localization

 Building on local needs, competencies and skills


Gl. Kalkbrænderi Vej 51A, 2100 Copenhagen

DIIS ∙ Danish Institute for International Studies, Auditorium


Innovations, from emerging technology to radical methodologies of change, represent a growing emphasis for humanitarian and development actors. Too often, however, innovations are developed in the global North and brought to local contexts, based on perceived needs but without involving target groups. So how do we make sure that innovations in the sector not only reflect local needs, but build upon and develop local perceptions, competencies and skills?


At this seminar DIIS and Save the Children tackles the issue of how we link local needs and solutions with global ones in ways that foster indigenous innovation - moving from isolated top-down projects to solutions that are both locally sustainable and may be scaled. Whether we call it human-centered design, indigenous or participatory innovation, the aim is to put local systems at the heart of the innovation process.


The seminar will be a combination of local experiences, conceptual discussions and participant inputs on the challenges of humanitarian and development innovation.






Adam Moe Fejerskov and Dane Fetterer


Segment 1: Research perspectives on localizing humanitarian innovation



The humanitarian ‘digital divide’: the impact of technology in crisis response’


John Bryant



Perspectives on local innovation: presenting experiences from Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF)


Anna Skeels



Local actors and humanitarian responses


Lydia Tanner


Segment 2: Perspectives from the sector and from the field



Opening doors to the humanitarian response market for local innovators


Charlene Cabot and Joshua Businge



Transforming the future of humanitarian aid: innovation, impact and sustainability


Rasmus Stuhr Jakobsen






Practical information

The seminar will be held in English and livestreamed on


Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. Please use our online registration form no later than Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 10.00. Livestream does not require registration.


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(Photo by: Jerome Bossuet/CIMMYT)



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