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A user centered perspective on IATI
Torsdag 27 Juni 2019, 13:30 - 15:30

Invitation to IATI workshop: 27th June 13.30-15.30


We hope that you are interested in participating in the IATI workshop on 27th June from 13.30 to 15.30.


The workshop will:

  • Provide colleagues from CSOs with a more user centered perspective into the use of IATI as an initiative and not limited to a donor requirement
  • Present what IATI is and hear from colleagues who have been involved in the initiative and the challenges and triumphs that they have encountered along the way
  • Provide colleagues with the opportunity for us as a collective to openly share and reflect our publishing journey and develop a set of common questions that we would like confirmation around from Danida (in Danish)



13.30-13.50:    Introduction by Tanaka Nyamadzawo, Danish Refugee Council, and Sarah Johns, Bond UK

13.50-14.25:    Examples on linking IATI data to your own needs – e.g. in managing a consortia and Oxfam project atlas - by Leo Stolk, Oxfam Novib

14.25-15.00:    Examples from the field: On using IATI data for research and advocacy – by Aria Grabowski, Oxfam America (TBC)

15.00-15.30:    Discussion



Facilitator of the workshop: Sarah Johns – Transparency Manager of Bond UK

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Sted Rysensteensgade 3, basement - "Undergrunden"
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