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Outcome Harvesting and ToC's
Mandag 03 Juni 2019, 09:00 - 16:00

RESERVE THE DAY – 3rd of June 2019 – at Globalt Fokus


How does Outcome Harvesting relate to Theories of Change in practice? – And how does Outcome Harvesting relate to various Results Framework?


Several organisations in Denmark have worked with Outcome Harvesting (OH) over the past year(s) and went through most of the 6 steps. Though introduction of OH is still ongoing and poses challenges. One of these challenges is how OH can inform Theories of Change. OH should indeed be used for learnings and possible adaption of our projects and programmes, but the questions is how does this happen more precisely? And what could be good practices? Another challenge is how to integrate the various MEL tools and systems, such as OH, ToC and Results Frame monitoring and reporting.


To support each other in this and exchange ideas, Danish Institute for Human Rights, MS Action Aid and Human Rights & Dialogue Consortium have agreed to arrange a day of joint sharing and practical group work. The workshop will be facilitated by Malene Sønderskov, who is one of the most experienced trainers on ToC´s in DK and who also has a good notion of OH. With a point of departure in the actual harvested outcomes from our organisations, we would like to explore and test practically:


  1. How OH can be used for work on Theories of Changes ToC´s in our organizations – at project level, at country level, and at programmes levels?
  2. How OH can be used for reporting on results frameworks and indicators – or for updating such as part of revising programmes?


The programme for the day will be send out one week before the workshop, but sign-up and reserve the day now!


The day will be group work based on the harvested outcomes, usage of ToC and concrete cases. It is thus a requirement for participation that your organisation has used/are using OH for monitoring or evaluation and that you are using ToC.


Each organisation can register maximum 3 participants.

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