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Civil Society Strikes Back: How LGBTIQ+ and women’s rights activists are affected by shrinking civic space”
Onsdag 31 Oktober 2018, 14:00 - 16:00

Women human rights defenders (WHRD), activists advocating for lgbtiq+ rights and women’s rights face resistance which is linked to gendered power relations, patriarchal and conservative values, misogyny, prejudice and taboos. The problem is global and the restrictions and harassment they experience are linked to traditional ideas of gender norms and perceptions about how women should behave. The challenges of a shrinking civic space often come on top of challenges of understaffed and underfunded lgbtiq+ and feminist activist organisations that need to find creative ways to move forward.


The meeting will focus on gender specific challenges and the coping strategies globally and locally, also in Denmark:


Azza Soliman, WHRD, Egypt (video message)

Maryam Al-Khawaja, WHRD, Bahrain, vice chair of the board of directors Urgent Action Fund

Susanne Branner, project manager, LGBT Denmark –lgbtiq+, activist with experience from Uganda, Tanzania

Helle Jacobsen, project manager gender, Amnesty International, experience from research and working with lgbti rights and women’s rights globally as well as in Denmark.

Henriette Laursen, director, KVINFO


Moderator: Lene Steffen, international director, KVINFO


Venue: KVINFO, Christians Brygge 3, 1219 Copenhagen


Date and time: 31.10 2018, 14.00-16.00


The event is a part of a series of meetings on Shrinking Space for civil society organised by Global Focus’ working group ”Civilsamfundets råderum og vilkår”. The event is organised by KVINFO in cooperation with LGBT Denmark and Amnesty International.

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