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Demystifying UN mechanisms to advance Human Rights - In the contested field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Tirsdag 30 August 2016, 13:00 - 16:00

The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) and Sex & Samfund would like to invite you to this international seminar on demystifying the UN mechanisms set up for civil society, states, individuals and the private sector to hold governments accountable on human rights. The seminar will present you with facts and reflections on how the various mechanisms work and how civil society can play a role in promoting human rights through these mechanisms. We will look at what results you may achieve, and what might be the backlashes. Moreover, we will look at ways civil society and governments may collaborate to hold other governments accountable.


The seminar will provide a space for us to enhance our common understanding of the different mechanisms and discuss the opportunities inherent in the mechanisms as well as the potential drawbacks you might want to consider.


We have invited Stuart Halford from Sexual Rights Initiative and Steven L. B. Jensen from DIHR to share their expert insights and inspire our joint discussion. Stuart will give a full presentation while Steven will share his comments and additional perspectives. We hope you will join us to add your perspectives to the discussion.



The seminar is an off spring of a collaboration between DIHR and Sex & Samfund funded by Globalt Focus. The collaboration has established a working group of NGOs and Educational Institutions. The aim is to develop on applying AAAQ* on SRHR within civil society organisations working with South partners.


SRHR is an interesting example of how the UN mechanisms can work for civil society – and states - to be challenging and push for change on highly contested issues within an accepted and respected system. The system however, only has its force if it is being used.


The seminar is open for all and will be held in english. Read more and register for the seminar here.