Konfliktforebyggelse og fredsopbygning er centrale tilgange til at løse internationale voldelige konflikter som Netværket for Konfliktforebyggelse og Fredsopbygning vil arbejde mod at sætte højere på danske CSOers dagsorden. Med fokus på vidensgenerering og udbredelse af en tiltagende værktøjskasse af redskaber til konfliktanalyse, konfliktfølsom programmering og fredsopbygning henvender Netværket sig til danske aktører med interesse for aktiviteter i det globale syd.


RIKO, Oxfam IBIS, Care Denmark og Dansk Flygtningehjælp står bag etableringen af Netværket, der er en arbejdsgruppe under Globalt Fokus. Styregruppen i netværket består pr. 19. Februar 2019 af  Danish Refugee Council / Dansk Flygtningehjælp, Rådet for International Konfliktløsning / Council for International Conflict Resolution, Oxfam IBIS, Danmission, Center for Konfliktløsning og Conducive Space for Peace. 


Netværkets arbejdssprog er engelsk. 

Network for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

“Conflict prevention and peacebuilding are cost-effective ways of improving human lives in the long run”

The Network for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding joins an international chorus of actors advocating for addressing violent conflicts through conflict prevention and peacebuilding. The Network is for Danish actors, primarily NGOs, but also public and private stakeholders, invested in humanitarian and development projects in the Global South. Its key purpose is to generate and share practical knowledge on peacebuilding and conflict preventive programming and facilitate capacity building among Danish actors.


The Network processes and governance is guided by a Charter approved at the first General Assembly by the member organisations. Find the Charter here: Network_Charter2019.pdf

Join the Network

The Network intends to combine and build best practice from actors engaged in conflict-affected societies, that be in a thematic, strategic or pragmatic manner. Actors engaged in work relevant to the Network are therefore invited to join the network. You will receive updates about the Network and invitations to future events hosted under the Network, and are encouraged to contribute with events, which are relevant to conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Upcoming Activities

Conflict-Sensitivity and Conflict Analysis Workshop for Danish NGOs in South Sudan
  • March 14th-15th 2019 (2 days)
  • Organiser: Danish Refugee Council /Oxfam IBIS
  • Target Group: Danish CSOs with activities in South Sudan


The workshop will provide an opportunity for Danish NGOs operating or supporting activities in South Sudan to share lessons learned and approaches regarding conflict-sensitivity, while also drawing on recent conflict analyses and other research undertaken by DRC, Oxfam IBIS, and others. The workshop will also provide an introductory training on conflict analysis and conflict-sensitivity at policy, operational, and programmatic levels.


Interested entities are invited to send a short note outlining the rationale for their interest to Alex Shoebridge, Peacebuilding Advisor at Oxfam IBIS (ash@oxfamibis.dk) by Tuesday 12th February. Please also contact Alex should you have any other questions regarding the exercise. 

Mini-workshop on conflict analysis
  • April 3rd 2019 - Mini-workshop from 9.00 to 12.00
  • Organiser: Danish Refugee Council
  • Place: Danish Refugee Council, Borgergade 6 - Copenhagen
  • Target group: The workshop is for actors with good understanding and/or experience of working in and on conflict
  • Sign up here


In DRC, we are in the process of developing a toolkit on conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity to meet our needs as an operational INGO working across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. In this process we are reviewing key questions such as why and when we need conflict analysis, what we need to know, how to carry out conflict analysis, how to balance the need for quality analysis with practical constraints in time and resources and how to ensure most effective utilisation of conflict analysis in our programming and advocacy efforts in conflict affected contexts. In this workshop we will discuss these and related questions with the aim of enhancing our collective understanding of the challenges and possible solutions to these questions to promote more effective use of conflict analysis by operational NGOs.

Training in "Rapid Conflict Analysis"
  • April 3rd 2019 - Mini-workshop from 13.00 to 16.00
  • Organiser: Danish Refugee Council
  • Place: Danish Refugee Council, Borgergade 6 - Copenhagen
  • Target group: The training is for actors with good understanding and/or experience of working in and on conflict
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While it is broadly recognised that humanitarian agencies when operating in conflict affected context must have a good understanding of local conflict dynamics in order to minimise the risk of ‘doing harm’, many struggle to ensure that conflict analysis is carried out in a timely fashion and is of sufficient quality to be available and useful when needed. Part of the challenge is to identify what constitute good enough conflict analysis and to become clear on how it can be carried out quickly to inform operational response in the early stages of an intervention. In this workshop, DRC will take the participants through its newly developed approach to rapid conflict analysis and discuss how, when and why rapid conflict analysis can be applied.

Conflict Sensitivity Training
  • April 5th 2019 - from 9.00 to 16.00
  • Organiser: Danish Refugee Council
  • Place: Danish Refugee Council, Borgergade 6 - Copenhagen
  • Target group: The workshop is somewhat introductory and targets actors who do not have a lot of experience on this already
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The concept of conflict sensitivity has been around for two decades but remains as relevant today as it was when it was first conceptualised. This training is a full day introduction to conflict sensitivity for NGO staff. It provides an overview of the background of conflict sensitivity, why it is important, the key analytical concepts and how to integrate conflict sensitivity in NGO operations.

One-day Conference on PeaceTech
  • April 24th - 9.30 to 15.30
  • Organiser: Network for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding (coordinator from the network is RIKO)
  • Target group: Peacebuilding practitioners, students, Tech-Companies and all other peace-seeking nerds
  • Tickets at: kea.safeticket.dk/peacetech


Join us April 24th, 2019 in Copenhagen for a one-day conference: ‘PeaceTech: A New Field to Explore’, and engage with tech-companies, NGOs, and research institutions to explore the many opportunities of this exciting, but still unexplored “industry”! At the conference, experts, practitioners, and social tech entrepreneurs will walk us through the current trends on how the strategic use of technology can accelerate, improve and scale conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts, providing major gains and innovation possibilities to the entrepreneurs and companies that engage in the field.


Previous Events


The Network can be contacted on ncppb@globaltfokus.dk, and followed on Twitter and Linkedin

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