Civil Society Strikes Back: Breakfast meeting: “Protecting Civic Space: Canada’s Feminist Approach”
Fredag 23 November 2018, 09:00 - 10:30

Breakfast meeting: “Protecting Civic Space: Canada’s Feminist Approach”


Global Focus and the Embassy of Canada to Denmark are excited to host a breakfast meeting on Friday, 23rd November, to discuss how Canada is engaging globally to enhance civic space as part of its Feminist International Policy.


The embassy will speak about Canada’s feminist international assistance policy and Canada’s policy on civil society (both released in 2017) and the process underway of updating Voices at Risk, Canada’s international policy on supporting human rights defenders. The embassy will be joined by Jo-Ann Rodrigues, who coordinates Canada’s civil society network on women, peace and security in the Toronto region. She has recently represented civil society in Canada’s national consultations on Canada’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (2017-2022), which has prioritized empowering civil society, with a focus on women and women’s groups.


After the presentations and a formal Q/A session, there will be an interactive discussion moderated by Sara Katrine Brandt, Civil Society Advisor at Global Focus.



9:00-9:10: Breakfast served

9:10-9:50: Presentations followed by brief Q/A sessions

9:50-10:30 Interactive discussion



Participation (free of charge). Register on this page. 

The event will also be livestreamed at Global Focus' Facebook page for those who are unable to attend the event.  

Address: Global Focus, Rysensteensgade 3, 1564, Copenhagen V. Ground floor. 

For more information, contact Sara Katrine Brandt,

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