Global Focus’ Civic Space Working Group invite members of Global Focus and our Steering Committee to a civil society meeting with the goal of putting forward tangible recommendations to the Danish efforts to protect and enhance civic space globally. The civil society meeting will take place Thursday 13 December from 9:00 to 15:30.



Whole-day meeting with participants from Danish development and humanitarian organisations interested in civic space. Prior to the meeting, participants will receive a document with recommendations to strategies for civil society organisations, the private sector and the Danish government, which will be the point of departure for the discussions at the meeting. The draft recommendations are compiled by Global Focus’ Civic Space Working Group, based on inputs from a series of learning events in the fall of 2018, on how to protect and enhance civic space. At these events, inputs have been collected from global civil society partners under different thematic perspectives on strategies and concrete recommendations to Danish actors. The conclusions from the civil society meeting will be guiding for Danish actors in the future, including offering detailed recommendations on how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should implement its newly introduced internal working document on civic space. On 6-7 March, Global Focus’ Civic Space Working Group and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will co-host an international conference in Copenhagen, where key actors will commit to recommendations and international cooperation to enhance civic space globally.  


Target Group:

Relevant employees and managers working on civic space within Danish development and humanitarian organisations well placed to input into and agree on the recommendations. We recommend around two people from each organization, e.g. an employee working on civic space attending the whole day and a manager with a mandate to commit to the recommendations arriving in the afternoon.


Practical Information:

Register now by following this link. Deadline for registration is 11 December, 12:00 pm.

For more information, kindly write Civil Society Advisor, Sara Katrine Brandt,
The event will take place at Rysensteensgade 3, 1564 Copenhagen V. 

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